Frequently Asked Questions

Do the tests work?
Yes! Pregnancy tests are regulated by the government in each country and we have to produce documentation such as clinical test results to prove that the tests work as they should before we can get approval to sell.

Are the Hoopsy tests as good as Clearblue/First Response or another brand?
YES!  Our tests have over 99% accuracy when used on the day that your period is due, this is the same as ALL other pregnancy tests that are sold in the world.

I am not sure that my test gave me the right result…
Through user testing we have found that you need to wee on the test for about 10 seconds, so slightly longer than it says in the instructions in the pack.  If you are finding that the test results area has nothing showing on it then we suggest that you wee on it a bit longer.

I am not sure what my result says..
Yep it is tricky, if you aren’t sure please do WhatsApp us on +44 7749 702825 with a photo of your test result and we will check and come back to you.

Why isn’t there a 1 pack?
Good question, originally we were going to produce a one pack, but then thought that actually considering that most women use more than 1 test each time they test and the waste in terms of materials for a 1 pack we decided to make the smallest pack a 3 pack.

Why can’t I buy the tests in Australia? I thought you were an Australian company?
Yes, we are an Australian company and would have loved to launch into Australia first. However, pregnancy tests are considered a medical device and have to be approved by each country’s regulatory body, the UK approved it very quickly so we decided to launch in the UK first. We are hoping Australia will be ready to go in 2024.  Best to join our newsletter to find out when we are live in Australia.

Can I return tests I’ve purchased?
Unfortunately due to the nature of our products, we cannot offer customers a return option. However, if you suspect that your product might be defective, please get in touch with us right away via our contact form. We take these claims very seriously since we adhere to rigorous quality assurance standards.

Is there any Hoopsy branding on the pack, ie will my neighbours know that I’m being sent pregnancy tests?
No, no one will know, the tests are sent out in a plain brown envelope.

How are Orders sent out?
They are sent by Royal mail on their 48 hour service, however, if you need your tests more quickly you can pay a bit extra for the 24 hour service, ie next day.

Where are Orders sent from?
Good question, for all UK and European orders we have a place in Bristol, UK that sends out all the orders for us, so don’t worry they aren’t coming from Australia!!

Do you send Orders to Europe?
Yes!! Postage is a bit more expensive unfortunately but yes we are happy to post anywhere in the world.

Do you Post to USA?
You can order for delivery to the USA, however our tests are not as yet FDA approved, this is what the FDA says about ordering non-FDA approved medical devices 

Do I have to pay custom duties/taxes on my order?
There may custom duties and taxes due when your order reached your country. They usually range anywhere from 6-25% depending on the country. You will be contacted by the courier prior to delivery if there’s anything you need to pay. Please note that custom duties and taxes are imposed by your country and is beyond our control. For more information about it, kindly contact your local customs office.

I haven’t got an order confirmation email yet….
Please check your junk or spam email box as we send out an order confirmation within minutes of your order.  You will also get another email once your order has been sent.

I have a retail store and would love to sell your tests who should I contact?
Awesome news, please get in touch with Lara via the contact page, tell us a bit about your store and she can send you all the information.

I still have a question – helllllp!!!
Please get in touch via our contact page for more FAQs or give Lara a call, text or Whatsapp on +44 7749 702825

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